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When and how will Trump hit Syria?

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY via AL-JAZEERA) –¬†After a night that saw an American- Russian exchange in dropping resolutions on Syria in the UN Security Council, it seems that the world is on a date with a US-Western strike on the Syrian regime, while the question today is about the date and the size.

The United States failed on Tuesday night to pass a draft on the Syrian regime’s chemical attacks in Duma , after Russia vetoed the Security Council for the 12th time against resolutions related to Syria, including 6 related to the investigation of chemical attacks on the Syrian people.

Washington and its allies have responded by foiling two Russian resolutions through which Moscow tried to pass an investigation mechanism Western diplomats considered non-independent and aimed at preventing condemnation of Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

In the face of the paralysis of diplomatic options to find a solution that would satisfy the Western parties after US President Donald Trump threatened that the Syrian president would “pay a heavy price,” the question is no longer as much or as much of an issue as many analysts think of the possibility of a strike.

After Trump had been waved just days before the withdrawal of troops from Syria, the US military has returned to strengthen its presence near the coasts east of the Mediterranean , which called for strategic experts to expect that the next strike of the Syrian regime is wider than the one where only Trump bombed the airport Shararat last year after bombing The Syrian regime Khan Sheikhan with chemical weapons.

– Large forces –

US media are talking about a large movement of troops and naval cut into Syria, most notably the aircraft carrier “Harry Truman,” which moved from Cyprus to the Syrian coast, in addition to warships carrying missile systems Tomahawk and Cruz, is expected to bomb a bank of targets of the Syrian regime, A line carrying thousands of American soldiers.

US President George W. Bush canceled a tour he would have had on Friday in Latin America, and White House officials said Trump wanted to focus on responding to a chemical attack in Syria.

Experts and analysts predicted that the strike would include several centers of the Syrian regime, including the presidential palace in Damascus, and the headquarters of the fourth division, one of the most important wings of the Syrian war regime today.

They also expected to include bases, airports and headquarters where Iranian forces and Syrian, Iranian, Lebanese and other militias would be based.

The Syrian news agency reported that the state of alert announced in the positions of the forces of the Syrian regime and its allies in anticipation of possible US or Western strikes, including airports and military bases in Damascus and its countryside and the provinces of Homs, Lattakia, Tartous and other areas.

The agency quoted militants in the eastern province of Deir al – Zour as saying that the regime’s forces and allies were disrupting the main military points.

According to strategic analyst Mamoun Abu Nawar, the US strike, expected to be shared by Britain and France, “is definitely coming.”

“The possibility of a strike is too great, because Trump will lose credibility if he does not hit the Syrian regime,” he told the island on Tuesday night.

– Diplomatic paralysis and a military option –

“Mamoun Abu Nawar: The strike is necessary for the United States not only because of the chemical attack, but to send strong messages to the Syrian regime, Iran, Russia and even North Korea, and retreat from it will make the world unchecked from the use of chemical weapons anywhere and not only in Syria”

In Abu Nawar view, it is certain that there can be no agreements in the Security Council and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons , “because international mechanisms are paralyzed and paralyzed”, making the military option alone in front of Trump and his Western allies.

Abu Nawar considered the strike necessary for the United States not only because of the chemical attack, but also to send strong messages to the Syrian regime, Iran , Russia and even to North Korea .

He went on to say that backing away from the strike would make the world unchecked by using chemical weapons anywhere, not only in Syria.

In contrast, an expert on security and defense policies at the Quito Institute, professor of international security at George Washington University, said that even though there is a very high probability of a military strike in Syria, the chances of a US-Russian deal in the last minute remain.

However, Friedman told the island on Tuesday evening that if Trump retreated , he would face many criticisms from within the US and his allies, but warned that the United States would be involved in a long war in Syria.

Russian and Russian diplomats have threatened a war of rhetoric that has contained veiled threats. Russian officials – the last of whom is the Moscow ambassador in Beirut – have threatened that their troops will counter any US missiles that will bomb Syria. US officials have responded with warnings to Russia with veiled threats.

But Abu Nawar considered that the last thing that concerns the Russians is the clash with the Americans, considering that the Russians have two options: first to turn a blind eye to the American missiles that will pass over their bases in Syria, and the second clash with the Americans, which will launch a confrontation that knows no extent.

In the wake of the war drums that have not subsided in Syria for seven years, the Syrians seem to have a date with a new round of the tragedy in which their bodies have turned into an international laboratory of weapons, amid the power of many forces over their homeland. Only they pay the price.