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When meat becomes a luxury product

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – Most recently, we imagined that in the future the whole process of nutrition will consist of swallowing a small pill.

The head of the forecasting department, Laura Forsman, grins at the mention of this prospect – she considers it more likely that in 30 years we will eat a wide variety of food.

“For most people, the taste of food and cooking means much more than just food. Most likely, there will be a variety of dishes developed in accordance with the expectations of the person, his needs and tastes, “says Forsman, who follows trends and the slightest changes in the Functional Food Development Center operating at the University of Turku.

According to her, enterprises engaged in this field, listen attentively to the wishes and hopes of consumers. It is necessary to satisfy these needs in such a way that the production of foodstuffs is, among other things, environmentally friendly.

Meat will turn into a luxury food product

The problems of climate change and the environment largely overlap with the problem of providing food. Laura Forsman believes that the importance of individual choice in the future will increase.

“People realized that much depends on them. How to make the right choice and with the help of one’s own nutrition affect the preservation of life on Earth?”

The burden on the environment caused by livestock breeding has long been a target of criticism. In recent years, successfully studied new sources of protein, people are preparing for the fact that in the future they will eat insects.

“It looks like meat really will become a luxury product. People are ready to give up the amount of meat they eat right now. But, of course, meat will want to eat in the future, because it is a valuable and tasty product, a source of protein.”

Forsman believes that meat will remain on the tables of a rich portion of the population, but more people will choose vegetarian food.

“Veganism has spread very quickly, especially among young people. As we constantly hear news about how climate change and meat-eating are connected, it seems that we are on the verge of big changes. ”

Will the polarization continue?

The question is still topical, whether the polarization will continue, which is already observed. In Western countries, many have enough money to eat high-quality, nutritious and environmentally friendly food. The rest of the population should be content with cheaper and less nutritious foods.

According to Laura Forsman, the greatest concern for researchers is the nutrition of young women of childbearing age. Topical problems are now considered overweight and diseases that develop in citizens with low incomes.

The state of the Third World countries is of particular concern. Even in the absence of hunger, residents of these countries use low-quality food, which leads to problems of development and growth of children.

Food safety is a matter whose importance will not diminish in the future. Related scandals have undermined confidence in the quality of food.

“From time immemorial people did not eat berries that seemed poisonous. And now consumers are always interested in where the meat is brought from. Food safety is a common topic for conversation, “Forsman recalls.

Your food will tell you about your social status

Although the food is meant to fill the stomach and give food to the body and mind, it has another meaning.

“With the development of Western society, food has a different purpose, it has become not only food and” fuel. “Other needs can be realized with food,” says Laura Forsman.

Food also carries a social function, the value of which will only grow in the future.

Food has always been a symbol of status, with its help, those who had the means to do so emphasized their position.

“At one time, the discoverers brought pineapples from distant countries to Europe. Well-off families exhibited purchased fruit at the gate to show their level of well-being. I wonder how in 30 years they will demonstrate their well-being with the help of food, “smiles Forsman.

“Nowadays, the goal of the photos in the fitness room with protein drinks is the same as that of the pineapples at the gate. They demonstrate that a person cares about his health. Another group of people exhibiting photos with environmentally friendly food emphasizes that they care about the planet.”

Researcher Laura Forsman considers it possible that we ourselves will begin to produce food for ourselves, for example, by arranging hanging plantations on the wall. Or by 2048, we will start making food in bioreactors.

“Or we’ll bring food from the store printed on our own taste on a 3D printer. You can decide for yourself whether it will be in the form of a star or the emblem of the city of Turku. Maybe we’ll see it sometime in Instagram!”