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WHO declared the death of 7 million people annually due to polluted air

IRAN (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Every year around 7 million people die because of the effects of polluted air. This is reported on the website of the World Health Organization (WHO).

As noted in the WHO infographics, this figure includes people who breathe air both on the street and at home. Of these, 21% die due to pneumonia, 20% from seizures, 34% from coronary heart disease, 19% from chronic lung diseases, and 7% from lung cancer. The most at-risk group are children, women who spend time in the kitchen, as well as those who work on the street.

The WHO report says that in 2016 4.2 million deaths were recorded due to the consequences of living in a polluted environment.

During the same period, 3.8 million people died from the effects of air consumption, which was contaminated with toxic oils that are released during cooking and other impurities.

According to WHO statistics, nine out of ten people breathe air with a high level of pollution.