Who killed the Palestinian scholar? – groups accuse Mossad

PALESTINE (OBSERVATORY) –┬áPalestinian resistance groups accuse Mossad of being behind the assassination of Fadi el-Batsh, a Palestinian scholar in Malaysia, given the regime’s history of such killings.

Dr. Fadi el-Batsh, a resident of Jabaliya in the Gaza Strip, was a doctor of electrical engineering and a university professor in Malaysia. He was murdered, early Saturday, April 21, in the morning, by two armed men riding motorcycles.

On Saturday evening, during a commemoration ceremony for Fadi el-Batsh, Hamas political bureau chief Ismael Haniyeh pointed to the Israeli regime that used to assassinate scholars of the world of Islam.

“The investigation that the Malaysian government will conduct will lead to this conclusion. We asked Kuala Lumpur to open an investigation into the case; a Hamas delegation has already been sent to Malaysia to speak with the relevant officials, “said the head of the Hamas political bureau.

The Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister claimed that the assassins of the Palestinian scientist were linked to a foreign intelligence organization. Ahmad Zahed Hamidi announced that the Malaysian police were working with Interpol and Aseanpol to find the killers.

“The police will cover all angles and investigate the case until the arrest of the perpetrators,” he said.

The Islamic Jihad of Palestine, too, accused Mossad of being responsible for the attack and called on Malaysian officials to continue their investigation.

As for the Fatah movement, he issued a statement: “The assassination of al-Batsh shows that Israel has relaunched its policy of liquidation of Arab and Palestinian scholars. We call on the Malaysian government to conduct an urgent and comprehensive investigation into the case. ”

The Ahrar movement pointed out that the assassination of el-Batsh testified to the extent of Mossad’s influence in the Arab and Islamic countries, but that such steps could never, however, destroy the spirit of innovation. of the Palestinian people.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine has ruled the attack a terrorist act and cowardly Mossad should pay the price. “The path of science remains open for young Palestinians,” he punctuated.