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Why did not Russia respond to Syria’s coalition strike?

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áRussia’s Defense Ministry on Saturday gave an explanation for questions about missile strikes by the United States and its allies Britain and France on Syria, and why they did not respond with similar strikes on the aggression, reports RT news agency.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Defense on Saturday that none of the missiles of aggression on Syria at dawn today did not target any of the areas where the Russian air defenses in the bases of “Tartus” and “Hmeimim” Russian.

Moscow has warned Washington and its allies earlier that it would respond immediately to any missile targeting Russian military positions stationed in Syria.

According to Russian political analysts, Russia has not responded to the US-led tripartite aggression, as long as the missiles did not touch Russian troops in Syria, while the Syrian air defenses did not spare an effort to resist this aggression.

“What is the next step?” Said a political analyst, Dmitry Smirnov, in the daily Komsomolskaya Pravda. “I think that any Russian who is sleeping and hearing the news of the bombing of the US by the Americans in Syria has sites for the Russian army,” he said. The Middle East, or will things get out of hand?” “Shall we bid farewell to our relatives and go back, or wait a little?”

Mr Smirnov said that President Putin acted wisely and avoided the scourge of World War III, and showed the whole world that Russia’s policy is responsible and Moscow does not act on the basis of reactions.