Why did US send B-52 over Russian Hmeimim Base?

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Is the United States ready to attack the Russians so that it can implant in northern Syria this NATO buffer zone advocated by Germany and France? Following the recent US military maneuvers that occur after the announced withdrawal of US forces, the assumption brushes the minds of some analysts.

Indeed, if at Deir ez-Zor, in Eastern Syria, the 900 or so GIs to be deployed have the mission to monitor the smuggling of Syrian oil and rally the Daechist troops to face the Syrian army and its troops.

Allies of the Resistance, in northern Syria, it is the Russian presence that hinders the Atlantis camp. Some even say that the international buffer zone in question has the mission to avoid Europe having to face Russia on the old continent and settle rather its accounts with Moscow on the back of the Levant.

Kurdish militia report a semi-return from Washington to Qamishli town in Hassaké governorate in north-eastern Syria against the backdrop of the establishment of three “small military bases” on the ground.

According to the Russian Avia.Pro website, the US bomber B-52 reportedly made an unexpected approach to Hmeimim air base, a few hours after a failed terrorist drone attack on the same base, which is home to dozens of Russian fighters and radar. and S-300 and S-400 missile batteries.

“A few hours ago, the US strategic bomber B-52 was first spotted on the southern part of Greece, then near Cyprus, which was a big surprise because of the approach taken to the Russian air base Hmeimim: The exact route of the US strategic bomber remains unknown, however, according to several sources, the plane has flown over the Syrian border before heading to Jordanian airspace,” said the publication which sees a an attempt to intimidate Russia.

For political analysts, this B-52 bomber maneuver as well as the announcement of a return of the Americans is only aimed at defeating Russia in its efforts to first secure the Syrian North and then to integrate the Kurds in the Syrian National Army. The Rojava Information Center website, affiliated with Kurdish militiamen in northern Syria, writes on Twitter: “We can confirm the information that the United States is going to establish a new small military base in Qamishli. Three small bases will be established at Qamishli, with the United States currently searching for suitable locations.”

By the way, Qamishli is the capital of Hassaké province. Nearly half of Syria’s oil wells are there, and the deployment of American troops in that province allows Washington to dominate the region’s oil resources.

To erect bases there, therefore, as Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says, to decant the true meaning of the American anti-terrorist struggle.

In an interview with Russian TV Russia 24, the Russian foreign minister said: “Syrian oil is smuggled out of the country and, with the proceeds from its sale, the United States will support the armed groups loyal to them.”

El-Watan also reported that “US forces are building two military bases in Baghouz, east of Deir ez-Zor, near the Syrian-Iraqi border, near a controlled Daesh camp. by the SDS and another base in the al-Shahabat area, north of Deir ez-Zor, not to mention the base being built between the oil fields of Sijan, Maleh, Azraq and al-Tanak.

But is oil all in this story? Probably not. “There is also the will to counter the Russian-China Resistance front, which is striding towards the Mediterranean.” As recently as Saturday, the news agencies reported a land link project linking the Iranian port. Imam Khomeini (Hormozgan) at the Iraqi port of Basra and port at the Syrian port of Latakia, a strategic corridor that reunites Russia and China is infinitely more dangerous for US interests than Syrian oil, says an analyst.


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