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Why does Washington need a military conflict?

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áLike extraterrestrial kidnappers, the Washington cryptocracy took Donald Trump hostage, and he completely lost his mind.

How else can one explain his morning tweet on Wednesday about the readiness to send “excellent, new and” smart “missiles to the Russian military in Syria at any moment.”

Of course, there is still hope that in the Pentagon there are reasonable people who will do everything to The declared attack, if it takes place, will be as restrained and minimally provocative.

In other words, US military leaders will bomb those places in Syria where there are no Russians and Iranians (after, of course, warnings), and deploy in undisturbed remoteness their underwater and surface platforms for launching cruise missiles and lifting invisible aircraft.

And after the completion of the new version of “Shock and Awe” it will be announced that Assad received the biggest spanking in his life, and Russian and Iranians were sent a clear message as never before, says the US information portal All this does not mean that the Syrian Duma is Sarajevo in 1914, and now it’s April, not July. Nevertheless, before the advent of the second, already peacemaking, tweet Trump, the whole world, including Wall Street, was in a very tense state.

Let’s call things by their own names: in Syria there is a brutal civil war in which both sides committed many terrible atrocities. There are documented facts that the so-called rebels (or opponents of Bashar Assad) possess chemical weapons and they have staged false gas attacks more than once, while 1300 tons of poisonous equipment of the Syrian government were destroyed under the supervision of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

Given this, who can say with absolute certainty that the military Assad or the rebels are responsible for the possible use of chlorine gas last Saturday in the Duma? Or, perhaps, it was another deliberate false attack, which was organized by jihadists?

“Evidence” comes mainly from the opposition forces fighting with the Assad regime. These include the Violations Documentation Center, funded by George Soros, an anti-Russian organization.

The other is White Helmets, which is supported by US and British money and works exclusively on rebel-held territories.

Undoubtedly, American intelligence agencies can hack any electronic mail box and read a message sent from any phone in the world. But they can not, while in Washington, determine whether the corpses shown in the video are victims of bullets, bombs, collapsed buildings or gaseous chlorine. To do this, it is necessary to come to the Duma and conduct the necessary chemical tests there.

In addition, even if a thorough investigation was completed, why does Washington assume the right to punish any international criminal? Asad, by the way, never attacked or threatened the United States.

The only evidence we have today is a video posted on the Internet by the Douma Revolution group, which, as is known, cooperates with the terrorist organization “Jays al-Islam” (“Army of Islam”). But even if Assad is to blame, why should Syria be bombed if Trump does not want to change the regime there?

Today it is too late to drag Assad for a jeep, as did the Libyan rebels with Muammar Gaddafi. Assad, not without the help of Russia and Iran, has already won a civil war.

The only thing that will lead to a new attempt to change the regime is the resurrection of the remains of IGIL and the repeated sprawl of chaos throughout the Middle East.

From all this, one conclusion can be drawn: the neo-conservatives surrounding Trump, led by adviser John Bolton, deliberately push the White House towards a military conflict with “the main enemies” – Iran and Russia.

Having increased the defense budget to a gigantic $ 720 billion, cryptocracy, along with its allies in military industrial, intelligence and parliamentary circles, use the most belligerent rhetoric (and sometimes provocative actions) towards Russia and Iran in order to increase spending on national security, or Its feeder, up to $ 1 trillion.

These huge budgetary funds will allow to keep countless analytical centers, NGOs and lobbyists all over America and abroad.

Since the United States lost its only real enemy in 1991, Washington became the capital of the war. Today, it jeopardizes the whole world, playing with its military muscles, organizing coups d’etat and illegal foreign intervention. So, one should not expect any easing of Trump’s aggressive policy in the near future.