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Why is Trump keeping his troops in Syria?

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe US plan in Syria has failed. The money and military support provided by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for this “mending” seem derisory.

According to the newspaper Rai al-Youm , Donald Trump takes his Arab allies from the Persian Gulf for “money-making machines”.

And for good reason: the US administration announced Friday the suspension of a planned payment of $ 230 million for stabilization projects in Syria, citing the growing involvement of other countries in these projects. Subsequently, Saudi Arabia and the UAE announced respectively a contribution of $ 100 and $ 50 million to stabilize the north-east of Syria formerly occupied by Daesh and now controlled by Arab-Kurdish forces, the SDS, supported by the international coalition led by the United States.

Meanwhile, talks between Syrian Kurds and the central government in Damascus have progressed well. But this new American measure aims to sabotage progress towards peace and to reignite the war between the Democratic Forces and the Syrian army.

Bashar al-Assad announced in an interview in July that “the north-east of Syria will be liberated, whether we are in a state of war or peace.”

The United States aims to remove this region, located east of the Euphrates and where oil and gas reserves sleep, the central government of Damascus to restore two “Emirates”: a Kurdish and a Sunni Arab.

It is likely that Saudi and Emirati forces will join US troops that have remained in the area.

The new American plan is clearly emerging and is based on a deal: the withdrawal of US troops from northeastern Syria against the withdrawal of Iranian forces and their allies, as Israel desires.

If the Kurdish brothers think that the United States and their acolytes want their good, they are mistaken, estimates the newspaper. They must understand that they are only pawns in the hands of Americans who want to advance their plans. Once they have reached their goal, they will stab them in the back.

The US plan in Syria has failed and efforts to mend it seem futile. The money and military support provided by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for this “mending” should therefore be useless.

The signs are not deceiving: US forces will not be able to bear the human losses and will be removed from Syria, as was the case in Iraq and Afghanistan.