Why Melania Trump will visit Africa without Donald

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†After accompanying Donald Trump on several international trips, his wife Melania would seek to travel to Africa alone, without her husband who denounced earlier this year the immigration from “shitty country”, including targeting some African countries.

Melania Trump, announced Monday that she would go on tour in Africa this year, without specifying in which countries her trip would lead her.

But the First Lady hopes to visit the continent of Africa alone, without her husband Donald Trump.

“This will be my first trip to Africa and I am excited to learn about the issues facing the continent’s children while learning about its rich history and culture,” Trump said in a statement.

“I look forward to highlighting humanitarian work and successful development projects in several African countries,” she said in the statement, quoted by AFP.

Melania Trump did not elaborate, but according to communications director Stephanie Grisham, the White House “will provide additional details in the coming weeks.”

Melania Trump, who has accompanied her husband on several trips abroad, had already been alone in Canada in September 2017.

Donald Trump, for his part, has not been to Africa since taking office, denouncing even immigration from “shitty country”, in reference to some African countries.