Why Zelensky can’t save Ukraine

Ukraine needs a total reboot of the entire state - now the only "glue" holding the country is total corruption, the Ukrainian political scientist is sure. In his opinion, Zelensky could not pick up an effective team, everything begins to crumble, and this is already visible to everyone.

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Zelensky is undoubtedly a good person. In the sense that withdrawing money to Panama and seating friends on flows is not what he became president for. The choice between him and Poroshenko was obvious to everyone who still had a place in their brains for something other than ideological cliches. On the other hand, as we know, a good person is not a profession.

The fact that Zelensky could not pick up an effective team, and everything begins to crumble, is already visible even to his most stubborn fans.

At this place in the FB it is customary to scold Zelensky and propose his candidacy (his sponsors). However, doing this is pointless – everything is a little sadder. The point is not only that Zelensky is not able to select people. He will not be able to do this, even if he suddenly upgrades to an MBA in the field of personnel management. Forget about the pressure of the oligarchs and sponsors, ideological disputes and so on – and still come to the conclusion that there is, by and large, nobody to appoint.

Over the past 15 years, Ukraine has managed to lead everything from grant activists to Donetsk bandits. And no one showed a transcendental result. Even just decent showed units. Purely subjectively, the middle managers of the Yanukovych era were probably the most effective. But to them, in turn, you can make a lot of other claims.

Of course, point-blank some vacancies can be closed. But this does not solve the problem. Which is not at all the inefficiency of individuals, but the inefficiency of the state mechanism as a whole.

There is no de facto state. No verticals of power, other than corruption, have long been working. By appointing an honest minister, the situation in a separate agency can only be worsened, not improved. Nobody controls anything – everyone just makes up the flow, the economy is totally monopolized by oligarchic clans, ideologies tear society to pieces.

And so on and so forth. Managing this using democratic levers, rather than firing squads, is beyond the reach of not only a comedian.

What to do? Nationwide, I do not know the answer to this question. Obviously, we need some kind of total reboot of the state, which is impossible within the framework of the existing constitution, public sentiments and geopolitical alignment.

On the scale of each individual citizen, you probably need to pack your bags. Well, or hope that a series of “Zeleny” years of commercials in 30 evolutionary ways will lead to the emergence of a kind of stable state structure here. Where can I live, not survive.


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