Will there be a war, and US will withdraw its overseas Chinese and recall 1 million reserve personnel, what signal?

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — The U.S. Department of State ’s Bureau of Consular Affairs issued a tweet calling on overseas Americans to return home as far as possible. Bold and enlarge, immediately, immediately, now go back to China? What intent is involved? What unusual signal is released? Is there any possibility of military action when the United States evacuates overseas?

In addition to the global evacuation of overseas Chinese, the US Army Command also issued an intriguing order to recruit 1 million reservists to return to their posts. This mobilization may become the largest reserve mobilization issued by the United States after the 1990s. But soon the official responded. The US military issued a warning, which generally means that some people received mandatory conscription text messages as “fraud” text messages. It has nothing to do with the US military.

Rather than recalling millions of reserve personnel to help fight the epidemic, it is better to directly prepare for war operations. According to the various manifestations of the US military during the epidemic, it is even more necessary for people to consider the direction of combat readiness. The large-scale military transfer of the US military throughout the country is a signal. A large number of M1 tanks in stock, countless trucks, armored vehicles and other heavy equipment are unsealed. The trains transporting tanks and armored vehicles can’t see the head at a glance. The editor wanted to ask: Is it possible to use tank armored vehicles to fight the epidemic? Even the most powerful aircraft carrier killer of the US military has been defeated. It is vulnerable to the new crown. With so many tanks mobilized, can armored vehicles work?

What signal can the US’s global evacuation and the recall of 1 million reserve personnel reveal? I feel there are two possibilities. The first is to recruit 1 million reserve personnel and mobilize domestic armaments frequently, just to cope with the internal chaos and separatist forces brought about by the epidemic. Assist in combating national chaos caused by the epidemic and widespread unemployment, and cooperate with regulation. The second possibility is to prepare military actions to shift internal conflicts and put pressure on other countries. This expansion of the US military seems to have exceeded the need to control the epidemic, and there is a high probability that the epidemic will be used to prepare for war. There is also the possibility of passing on the crisis through war.

Some people say that the evacuation of Americans in the United States is to better fight against the epidemic, and it wants Americans to reduce mobility and reduce the risk of infection. But is it really safe even where data is not publicly available? The US epidemic is now ranked first in the world and is considered the most serious. Would it be safer for Americans to withdraw to the United States? Just like Syria can now call for the global evacuation of overseas Chinese to avoid the insecurity of the people abroad? No, in fact, they are the most unsafe places.

It is also said that the United States showed its citizens that the government values ​​the health and lives of Americans by evacuating overseas Chinese. The evacuation of Americans in the United States is to allow overseas Americans to return as soon as possible, rather than sending special planes to pick up the money from the US government. Every time the United States wants to carry out foreign military operations, it will do one thing, that is, large-scale evacuation of overseas Chinese. The meaning of “may soon be all vehicles not available” is very clear. Launch military operations at any time!

The U.S. military has assembled, and the US State Department issued a statement on the global withdrawal of overseas Chinese. Various signs indicate that this is not a good sign. Taking history as a mirror, it is estimated that careful friends have discovered that whenever a problem occurs in the United States, the US military launches military operations outside the meeting to resolve the domestic crisis. Since the end of the Second World War, the United States has waged more than 30 wars abroad, so these recent signs need to be vigilant.

If it is said that it is just a precursor to blockade of the border to prevent and control the epidemic situation, there is no need for the US military to recruit 1 million reserve personnel. So who will the United States aim its gun at? To which country are you going to fight? Iran? Russia? Still … (a wolf in the northwest)


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