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Will US and its allies prepare a large-scale military operation in Syria?

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†US Defense Secretary James Mattis said ahead of a meeting with President Donald Trump that the military was ready to offer options on air strikes in Syria if appropriate and as the president decides.

The al-Jazeera correspondent in Washington , Wazid Qafi, said officials said a meeting would be held soon in the White House attended by the president, defense minister and possibly members of the National Security Council.

The correspondent reported that there is agreement between the two parties to the Republican and Democratic on the need to punish the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

She pointed out that Washington this time seems to be planning a broad operation, contrary to the barbed wire last year, but at the same time alerted that the Secretary of Defense does not favor a broad strike.

Matisse said on Wednesday that the United States was still assessing information about the alleged chemical attack in Syria, showing a cautious approach hours after the threat of a missile strike.

“We are ready to offer military options if they are appropriate,” the president said, but his ministry declined to comment on Trump’s statement on the missiles coming to Syria.

The Pentagon said it had asked questions about the US president’s mocking of possible missile strikes at Syria to the White House, adding that he did not comment on potential military operations that could be carried out in the future.

– Western coordination –

On the other hand, the Associated Press said that both the United States and leaders of France and Britain discussed range of military options in Syria,orderdeterregime from use chemical weapons again.

The agency quoted unnamed US sources as saying it had not yet made a firm decision to launch military strikes against Syria and indicated that the consultations dealt with the possibility of military action that would be more extensive than the US strike in April last year at the Shaareat airport in Homs .

The sources quoted the sources as high-level that the leaders of the three countries discussed the various scenarios.

The tripartite talks focused on strikes targeting military facilities to prevent Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from launching new chemical attacks.

Meanwhile, the Interfax news agency quoted the head of the Russian House of Representatives Defense Committee Vladimir Shamanov as saying Moscow was in direct contact with the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the situation in Syria.

Trump said in a tweet on Twitter that the missiles are coming to Syria, and that Russia must prepare for that, threatening to use the latest types of weapons that are not intercepted by Russian antagonists.

In the context of coordination between Washington and the allies, a German naval commandant told media on condition of anonymity that the German frigate “Hessin” already accompanies the US fleet transiting the ocean to the Mediterranean.

The spokesman said it was not yet clear how long the frigate would take after arriving in the Mediterranean, but he stressed that its move was not routine but rather exceptional and could be described as an important event

The FCR is the only weapon in the Western world capable of carrying three types of surface-to-air missiles and has a radar range of more than 200 nautical miles for air targets.