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Yemen is now able to respond to every Saudi strike: army spokesman

YEMEN (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe Yemeni army spokesman warned Saudi Arabia against the consequences of continuing its military aggression against Yemen. “The Yemenis are ready to respond to any strikes by the Saudi aggressors,” the spokesman said.

“From now on, as soon as you hit residential areas and Yemeni facilities, we will immediately attack your vital installations,” the Yemeni army spokesman said in a statement.

In claiming responsibility for Wednesday’s missile attack on Riyadh, the Yemeni army has announced that it has “other surprises” for Saudi leaders, which will change the situation in the war unleashed by Riyadh against Yemen.

Yemeni TV channel Al-Masirah reported that Yemeni forces fired ballistic missiles at the Saudi Defense Ministry and other buildings in Riyadh on Wednesday afternoon, 11 April, including Aramco oil company.

Yesterday, Tuesday, April 10, the ballistic units of the Yemeni Ansarullah movement fired two missiles at the Saudi and Sudanese military rally in Asir province, southwest of the Saudi kingdom. Earlier in the day, a Saudi army logistics camp was hit by another Yemeni missile south of Jizan.

Earlier, Yemen’s President of the Supreme Political Council, Saleh Ali al-Sammad, announced that Yemeni forces would continue their daily attacks against Saudi military forces inside Saudi territory to counter the aggressions of Saudi forces.