Yemen: Saudi Arabia and the UAE have suffered heavy damage on all fronts

YEMEN (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Yemeni army forces and Ansarullah fighters have in recent days blasted the forces under the command of Tariq Afash in the Taez governorate.

Tariq Afash’s followers in southern Yemen benefit from the direct support of United Arab Emirates advisers and warplanes. However, their operations to repel the Ansarullah Army and People’s Committees did not have any results.

After the assassination of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, many of his followers, including his nephew, Tariq Afash, fled south and joined the Emirati military.

At the same time, Yemeni army units and Ansarullah fighters began a massive operation to clear the coastal areas of the Taiz governorate on the Red Sea.

The purpose of this operation is to encircle the pro-Afash forces and the mercenaries of the multinational forces united in the pro-Riyadh coalition, which will allow the army and the People’s Committees to approach the strategic strait of Bab el- Mandeb.

During surprise attacks by the army and the People’s Committees, dozens of mercenaries were killed or wounded. The list of dead includes the names of several local mercenary commanders, including Hessam Hussein Qaed al-Zubaidi.

At present, Yemeni forces continue their artillery and missile attacks against Tariq Afash forces in Mawza district and on the road linking that district to Mokha. According to local sources, dozens of mercenaries were killed or wounded in these clashes.

East of Taiz, Ansarullah fighters conducted a surprise attack on the positions of pro-Afash forces positioned in the presidential palace and al-Tashrifat military base. This operation is in progress and according to the latest information, control of certain areas passes from hand to hand between the two camps.

According to local sources, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are trying to bring forces under the command of the resigning President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi on the one hand, and the Tariq Afash forces on the other, to organize a a new joint operation to seize the entire Taiz governorate. However, this project has been canceled several times because of differences between rebel groups.

According to reports from northern Yemen, the mercenaries carried out a vast operation along the border with the Saudi province of Najran to occupy the al-Buqa border crossing. However, Ansarullah fighters’ quick reaction helped thwart this plan. The skirmishes lasted more than six hours and dozens of mercenaries were killed there, according to local sources.

Although the mercenaries took advantage of the Saudi forces’ air cover, they did not resist the counter-attack by Yemeni forces. The latter pushed the mercenaries to flee and seized a significant amount of their military equipment.

The Ansarullah fighters pursued the attackers to the border, where the Saudi Arabian military base of al-Tal’a (Najran province) was located. Some thirty mercenaries were killed or wounded in these clashes.

In Saudi Arabia’s Asir province, the Saudi army’s positions in Zahran have been targeted by Yemeni artillery and ballistic units. Several Saudi soldiers were killed during the strike.

Yemeni artillery and ballistic units also attacked the gathering points of mercenaries and Saudi soldiers at the Alab border crossing. They inflicted significant damage on them.