Yemen: Saudi raid provokes Hudaydah bloodbath

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Fighter jets from the pro-Saudi coalition hit a bus in Hudaydah province in western Yemen. During the air raid of the attackers, 9 Yemeni citizens were killed and 11 others wounded.

Fighter planes from the Saudi-led Arab coalition struck the strategic city of Hudaydah. They did not even pity the cars carrying the displaced and targeted them. During the last phase of their air raid, they attacked a bus that was walking on the road between al-Jarahi and Zabid districts in Hudaydah province.

Yemeni sources said that during the raid, 9 civilians were killed and 11 wounded.

The successive offensives of the aggressors in this western province of Yemen have caused the wandering of about 5,000 families.

Yesterday, Saudi aircraft also bombed a neighborhood in Emran town in northern Yemen, killing nine civilians and injuring 11 others. On June 19, a bus was targeted by the fighters of the Saudi coalition. The air raid killed 4 Yemeni women and 2 men.

At the head of an aggressive coalition, in late March 2015, Saudi Arabia launched a deadly offensive against Yemen. Since the start of the Saudi-led Yemen attack, more than 13,000 people have been killed while thousands of children and women have been displaced. Due to an air, sea and land blockade, the humanitarian crisis has entered a critical phase in Yemen.