Zakharova “thanked” Trump for the emergence of the “Islamic State”

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) –  The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova reminded the US President Donald Trump about the fact that the country “Islamic state” * appeared due to the actions of which country.

Previously, Trump in the microblogging left a message that the US administration did a good job of fighting the IS in the Middle East.

“Where is our” Thank you, America “?”, The American president finished his speech.

“It’s just that not all of us have finished thanking America for Iraq, the result of the intervention was the appearance of IGIL *,” retorted American President Zakharov in the Facebook social network.

The advisers recommended Trump to inflict a series of fierce strikes against several targets in Syria. The US president initially obeyed their advice, but later wrote that the relationship between Russia and the United States is now worse than they ever were, including the period of the Cold War. He noted that he saw no reason for this, and called for an end to the arms race.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow has irrefutable evidence of attempts by militants in Syria to conduct provocations using poisonous substances.