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What will happen with Bitcoin Gold

The team of crypto currency plans to prevent future hacker attacks and reduce the vulnerability of the network.

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – In the near future, the update of the Bitcoin Gold crypto currency network will be carried out, the representatives of the project reported in a Twitter account. They noted that most of the components that are necessary for carrying out the hard-core are already ready, now testing is in progress.

The coin appeared in October 2017 as a result of the branching of the bitcoin chain. The developers wanted to make a network independent of ASIC-miners, but then the manufacturer of equipment for mining crypto currency Bitmain released Antminer Z9 – for the coining of coins that work on the algorithm of Equihash, like Bitcoin Gold.

After that, the altcoyin developers said they would do their best to prevent ASIC-mining. Updating the crypto currency system will add new parameters to the algorithm, as a result of which the coin extraction in this way will become unprofitable.

Representatives of the project added that after carrying out the hardcore, the crypto currency will be more protected from hacker attacks.

In mid-May Bitcoin Gold network has undergone an attack of 51% (the hacker gained control blokcheynom altkoina). The offender stole from the crypto-exchange exchanges about 388 thousand coins.